Star Effect for Stage Backdrops

Similar to the Star Ceiling product, Star Effect for Stage Backdrops uses advanced fiber optic technology to provide a romantic, unique and classy space. The product is suitable for wedding center, conference, bar, café…

Gioi thieu phong nen sao san khau

Basic specification

  • Star size: diameter from 0.5mm to 2mm, one size or mixed size, can be combined with ceiling end fittings to create effect.
  • Star density: 40 – 80 points / m2
  • Star effect: Twinkle and white color, twinkle and changing color, color can be selected 
  • Remote control: turn on/off, adjust the brightness of the star, select color and star effect sao
  • The warranty period is 02 years
  • If you order in large quantity or want to cooperate with VFOL, please contact directly
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Pictures of Star Effect for Stage Backdrops