About Us

Viet Fiber Optic Lighting (VFOL) is proud of being the leading company in Vietnam developing products using fiber optic decoration. With the ability to provide a wide range of products in terms of features, types and prices, we can meet all your requirements.

Viet Fiber Optic Lighting (VFOL) was established with a team of experts, experienced technicians including:

  • Ph.D in the field of Opto-Electronic who graduated in Korea
  • MSc in the field of Fiber Optic Materials and Applications
  • Technological advisors are Associate Professors, Ph.Ds from the National Center for Techological Progress (Nacentech) and Vietnam National University, Hanoi
  • Design and architecture specialists
  • With a team of experienced technicians and skilled workers

With the strength in fiber optic decoration, Viet Fiber Optic Lighting (VFOL) has been trusted by many customers to implement large projects in Vietnam.

We always constantly strive to bring products with diverse designs, advanced technology, reasonable price and good quality.

Viet Fiber Optic Lighting (VFOL) is committed to:

  • Provide quality products, beautiful design and applied the latest technology
  • Free Consultation
  • Serve and caring
  • Competitive price
  • After-sales service and warranty as committed
  • Save your time and money as much as possible

Your trust and satisfaction is our goal !!!