Introduction to Technology

Decorative Technology by Fiber Optic is the most advanced technology in the world. We are the leading company in Vietnam deploying this technology for the purpose of bringing the latest technology applications to you!

Products using fiber optic decoration often are composed of three main components: FIBER OPTIC, LIGHT ENGINE and ACCESSORIES to create effects.


Optical fibers are wires in which the core is made of glass or plastics with a protective coating. Fiber optic is highly flexible, often used to transmit light in the core or to glow along the fiber side.

Cau tao soi quang


Unlike conventional light source, fiber optics uses specialized light engine with concentrated light, intense light intensity to achieve high light transmission efficiency for fiber optic. The light engine has many unique effects such as color changing, flashing, sparkling, remote control …

Nguon phat


Accessories are diffused light heads, crystals for the purpose of creating beautiful sparkling effects or shining light in many directions for illumination purpose.

Dau khuech tan

Decorative Technology by Fiber Optic has broken the barrier of light – the light you can touch and feel with powerful effects, friendly and safe.

tuyet doi an toan voi cong nghe soi quang

Decorative Technology by Fiber Optic create a revolution in the field of decoration with outstanding features:

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Flexibility, highly customizable, can make any shape as you like; Creative freedom and unlimited design.   Extremely high durability up to dozens of years; Completely unaffected by factors such as humidity, temperature, water environment.   Numerous unique lighting effects such as light intensity changing, color changing, flow effect, remote control capability.
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Only transmits the visible light, do not transmit harmful light areas that are ultraviolet and infrared   Optical fiber transmits light with extremely low attenuation and high durability. It is therefore very energy-saving and low maintenance cost.   Decorated with fiber optic is absolutely safe due to optical fiber only transmits light, does not transmit electricity and heat

Viet Fiber Optic Lighting (VFOL) specializes in supplying materials, design and construction of fiber optic decorative products such as ceiling, hall, walkway, garden, swimming pool for hotel, restaurant, bar, room, karaoke room.. and car tuning. Using fiber for interior and exterior decoration is the latest trend in the world, contributing to the luxury and class of your space.

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