Karaoke Crown Ho Tung Mau


Project Information

  • Work: Design and install fiber optic chandeliers, Art Fiber Optic Picture, Art Patterned Fiber Optic Ceiling and Wall
  • Location: Karaoke Crown, 118 Ho Tung Mau Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi City, Vietnam
  • Completion time: July 2017

Some pictures and videos on the project

The main lobby was installed system includes 3 fiber optic chandeliers with unique designs. The wall is decorated with art peacock fiber optic picture that is made up of 7,000 optical fibers on a sparkling starry background.  The color combination of chandeliers and paintings make a strong visual impression




Ceiling in the VIP rom is decorated with skillful designs. Each ceiling array is a unique pattern of mixed colors or synchronize color on each fiber


Tạo hình hoa văn độc đáo cũng được thể hiện trên 2 cột trang trí 2 bên màn hình lớn của phòng VIP

The unique pattern is also shown on the 2 columns located on the side of the VIP room’s big screen