Biet thu dinh cong

Project Information

  • Work: Design and install fiber optic chandelier for living room and kitchen
  • Location: Lot 18, Dinh Cong urban area, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi City, Vietnam
  • Completion time: January 2017

Some pictures and videos on the project

Fiber Optic Chandelier in the living room is designed with drop spherical shape and fibers winding around

Thiet ke den chum soi quang phong khach Dinh Cong

Technique of VFOL is manufacturing and finishing fiber optic chandelier according to the design

Che tao den chum soi quang phong khach Dinh Cong

Video of fiber optic chandelier in the living room after finishing and handover


Fiber optic chandelier in the kitchen are also shaped like a ball